Host To WEB; In today's ever-evolving and renewed IT world, 26 years of know-how was established in 2005 to help corporations make the most effective and correct use of technology.

Host To WEB; With its expert engineers, it produces and applies the right solutions for the institutions. For this, it keeps itself up to date with trainings, seminars and certifications. In today's conditions, the greatest need of each institution is; quality, fast and continuous service.

Host To WEB; With its own specialized staff and solution partner, it offers local, national and international companies the solutions, products or services they need in the fastest way.

1000+ Dedicated Servers

9000+ Happy Customers

45000+ Resolved issue

Our Mission

– In the IT industry’s technological developments to provide direction for Turkey, Germany and Netherland

– Providing guidance for institutions, organizations and individuals to use technology in the most effective way

– Industry recognized all over the world

– To become a strong, reliable and leading company.

– To win the trust of customers as well as to win satisfaction.

Our Vision

– To provide all the IT requirements from a hub for our customers to increase their productivity and profitability.

– Providing the optimum quality by considering time-benefit-cost constraints,

– Reliable, friendly, responsible management approach,

– Providing the necessary service to all institutions, organizations and individuals we serve.